High Energy Physics

August 2020 - November 2020


We make an attempt to do a reading project on selected topics from High Energy Physics:

  • A review of Quantum Mechanics in d=3

  • A short survey of Group theory and its importance

  • Relativistic corrections

  • An Introduction to Feynman Diagrams

  • Basic Collider Mechanics and Statistical Analysis at Accelerators

  • Representation theory

  • The Dirac Equation


Prof. Joseph Prabagar, Loyola College, Chennai

Textbooks Used


  1. "Elementary Particle Physics" by Andrew J Larkoski

  2. "Introduction to Elementary Particles" by David J. Griffiths


  1. "Concepts of Elementary Particle Physics" Michael E. Peskin

  2. Modern Particle Physics" by Mark Thomson


The talks given in relation to this project are available here.


The slides can be found in this Github repo.