Representation Theory


A reading project designed to establish the basics of Lie Theory and it's applications to particle physics.

Texts Used


  1. " Group Theory in a Nutshell for Physicists" by  Anthony Zee

  2. "An Introduction to Tensors and Group Theory" by Nadir Jeevanjee


  1. "Symmetry and the Standard Model" by Mathew

  2. "Physics from Symmetry" by Jakob Schwichtenberg

  3. "Naive Lie Theory" by John Stillwell


This project involves a weekly/biweekly meeting in discord during which we review assigned material for that time period and discuss our thoughts on what we learned recently. The solved problems from the sources will also be cross-checked during this time.


The talks given in relation to this project will be made available in this YouTube playlist. Currently we have one planned for the second week of June, 2021.